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Copper Theft

Copper is such a valuable metal that thieves are searching after the metal anywhere they can find it in 2. Every year in the United States $1 billion worth of copper is stolen. Copper thieves in 2 are targeting plumbing, heating, cooling and industrial pipe industries among others. Copper theft has increased since the local recession in 2, and the high copper prices seemed to motivated thieves.

Copper is valuable to recyclers because the metal is used to make so many products. One of the main problems with stolen copper is that it is hard to trace to the owner and recycling can bring in lots of money for the recyclers. During the past 10 years copper prices have increased over 400 percent.

2 is one of the leading cities for copper theft, while the highest number of theft cases in states are Ohio, Texas, Georgia, California and Illinois. Local law enforcement has a difficult time tracking down all the thefts so the FBI has offered assistance and arrested dozens of people over the last five years. The FBI says copper theft is destroying critical infrastructure when thieves damage electrical substations, cellular towers, telephone land lines, railroads, water wells, construction sites, and vacant homes for lucrative profits.

2 police often go to the places where the copper thieves try to steal copper to catch them but they also watch metal recycling centers that accept metal from suspicious people. Some metal recyclers have said that 2 police several times a month looking for stolen copper. The 2 metal recyclers are now carefull who they buy from and take pictures of what they buy and keep good records on sellers. {{Atlanta}} police want to make all copper recycling is legal.