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Gold Recycling

Recycle Gold with Metal Recycling Quotes

Gold Recycling in 2

Back in the medieval ages, gold flakes were put in food and drink to show their excessive wealth. Today you can still get gold in your food in certain restaurants and bars. Gold is still a highly valuable and sought after precious metal. We accept all types of gold for recycling in 2. Aside from jewelry, gold can be found in old smoke detectors, cell phones, VCRs, or any old electronic device. Recycling gold in 2 helps prevent pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Please contact us when you need gold recycling.

What type of metal is Gold

When recycling gold, it does not decline in quality. Gold that was mined thousands of years ago has the same qualities today. It is possible to recycle gold and repurpose it without requiring any new mining. Electronic waste is the biggest source of gold that should be recycled. Our computers, televisions, iPads, iPhones and other electronics, that don’t get recycled, contain gold. Electronics can be recycled to get gold that can then be used to make other new electronics. There is a lot of gold to recycle in 2.

Environmental effects of Gold Mining

Gold mining can be very bad for our environment if certain environmental regulations are not followed. Some statistics state that for every ring of gold, there are roughly 20 tons of toxic wastes being generated. The toxic substances used in the process of mining gold are mercury and cyanide pollutes that contaminate the air we breathe and the water we drink. Gold mining is the number one source of mercury pollution. Gold mining is said to produce more pollution than coal-fired power stations.