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Tungsten Recycling

Tungsten Recycling in 2- The element tungsten is a rare and very hard metal. Tungsten has the lowest vapor pressure and highest melting point of any of the elements. Since tungsten is resistant to corrosion, it is used in aircraft's, auto ballasts, x-ray shields, crankshaft weights, jewelry, heating elements, light bulbs and cathode-ray tube. We accept all types of tungsten for recycling in 2. About 60% of tungsten consumption is from the construction industry. Recycling tungsten in 2 help prevents pollution and reduces mining raw materials. Please contact us when you need tungsten recycling.

Tungsten is used most for a carbon alloy also know as tungsten carbide. This type of tungsten is one of the hardest man made metals. Glass and diamond are the only materials harder than tungsten carbide, for example tungsten carbide can only be cut by diamond grinding wheels. Most normal steel tools wear out ten times faster than in heavy manufacturing operations than tungsten carbide. Also used for high temperature electrical switches where arching electrical current erodes the switch surfaces. It is a very heavy and dense, which is why it is used for the oil well drill heads.

Other unusual uses of tungsten include ballast for race cars in NASCAR and Formula One, commercial aircraft, and keels for yachts. Tungsten is used to make high quality darts and for specialty fishing lures. Occasionally tungsten wires are for strings on musical instruments. Tungsten is a popular choice for jewelry because it is hypoallergenic, including wedding rings because it is harder than gold or any gold alloys.